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€ 13,43
“Primus”, the first, is the debut album of Saltatio Draconum and not only the album title sounds promising. Saltatio Draconum is an emerging medieval band. With bagpipes and self-made drums heat the boys to the public property. With their album want

Vetus et Novum

€ 13,43
In Aeterno, the young, up-and-coming band from the green heart of Germany, present their current album "Vetus et Novum" in a new guise. With this tribute to almost 30 years of the Middle Ages scene, they interpret the old medieval songs in a new mode

Damnati Ad Metalla

€ 24,74
Folkstone were born at the end of 2004 with a project that combines hard rock to instruments that tradition usually wants as an acoustical habit. Breaking down every pattern, the protagonists of the scene become bag-pipes, harp, bouzouki, flutes and

Demo Recordings...

€ 16,73
Kari Rueslåtten heeft eigenlijk weinig introductie nodig. Zij was het boegbeeld van de revolutionaire Noorse band The 3rd and the Mortal en van grote invloed op latere bands als Nightwish en Within Temptation. “Demo Recordings 1995”is nu op nieuw ui

Für Kind und Kegel

€ 13,43
With "Für Kind und Kegel" In Aeterno publish their second Middle Ages folk album and turn to the children. They interpret some of the most famous children's songs, such as "Grün, Grün, Grün sind alle meine Kleider" and "Ich geh‘ mit meiner Laterne",