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€ 14,93
When POS.:2 released their debut album "now!" last year, not only critics were enthusiastic (Side Line Magazine: "This is one of the hottest synth-pop discoveries of the past few months"), but the duo even instantly jumped to No. 1 in the German Alte


€ 14,93
With their second album "Echtzeit", the electro / synthpop duo Loewenhertz live up seamlessly to their muchnoticed debut album "Irgendwo in Deutschland" and present again a well measured mix of classic electro and synth-pop with lyrics sung in German

Lumbar Fist

€ 13,43
On the debut album Lumbar Fist, Richard van Kruysdijk’s solo project Cut Worms playfully builds compositions from scratch without any prefab beats or loops, exploring the intersection of noise, dissonance and melody.The result is highly atmospheric,


€ 13,43
The project CORIUM is presenting a lava-like mixture of industrial, musique concrète and ambient. Michael Schaffer and Matt Weigand take use of their talent to fill the room with sound sculptures far beyond the expected. This room is shining in the

Harvest of Despair

€ 13,43
A distorted Morricone soundtrack influenced by the Ukrainian conflict and anti - depressant side effects which bridges the gap between 20th century experimental music, nostalgia/avantgarde, ambient, film noir, neo-folk and black metal but in itself h

When Traces End

€ 14,93
Just over a year after their worldwide renowned debut "A Smarter Enemy" Arctic Sunrise are back again, providing prove of their unceasing creativity with the release of "When Traces End". All pieces of the album are engulfed in the contemporary-retro